New Amsterdam Theatre


Theatre Postcards


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These postcards were distributed by the theatre in the early 1900's. They depict scenes found

on murals in various locations around the theatre.


Labeled "Decoration in Amsterdam Smoking Room"

Believed to be a total of 7 cards in this set (Postmark 1908 except where noted)

The Bridge at

Broad Street

The British


The Bradford


Gov Andrus

takes the City

for the English

Landing of Stuyvesant

(Date Unknown)

Reading the

Declaration of


Eric the Norseman's Discovery (1907)

Labeled "Decoration in General

Reception Room" (Dates unknown)

Labeled "Proscenium Decoration" (1908)



The Drama

(Date Unknown)



Labeled "Decoration in Lobby"

Believed to be a total of 5 cards in this set (Dates unknown)

Die Walkure

Midsummer Night's Dream

As You Like It

Richard 3

Das Rheingold